Predatory Behaviour Management – the OriginalHow to control your chasing dog

by Pia Gröning and Ariane Ullrich

Customer Reviews

When you adore your dog but you love rabbits and deer just as much – sooner or later you will face a problem. At least this was true for me and my walks in nature. Just when I enjoyed the unexpected agility of my German Shepherd Mix I realized in shock what it was that turned her into such an impressively sporty dog: fleeing game animals. Although my fury friend never had the endurance to actually get even close to a speedy rabbit I instantly decided that this was not my idea of respecting nature. Then I read this book about how to control your chasing dog. It now gives me step by step instructions combined with helpful tools for an effective training. Also, it is very practical. One can tell that the authors Ariane and Pia have profound hands-on experience. It sounds as if the authors never just believe in mere theory or research results. They are almost half dog themselves: playful, very close to nature, consequent, experienced because of their curiosity and always eager to test new things. In this book I find the dog-understanding tone extremely entertaining. I had so many good laughs which surprised me with this rather complex topic. At the same time, Ariane and Pia understand me as a dogowner just as well. Which is quite rare I think. So read this book and work with the simple instructions, if you want your dog-walking to be more relaxed and enjoyable. And I think I am saying this in the name of all stressed out rabbits as well.

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